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We offer a premium experience with unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single, intuitive app.

Let Automated Smart Living set you up with the leader in Smart Home Automation. Our partnership with Savant lets us offer everything from whole home audio/video, smart motorized shades, smart lighting, smart power, whole home battery backup, and more. See below or check out our Solutions pages for more information about some of our offerings.


Intelligent Control of al your Home Technology in one place

  • Cutting-edge management from touchpads, mobile apps or voice assistants

  • Integrate modern keypads that manage your whole home with one convenient touch

  • Activate various scenes that change lighting, control music and temperature simultaneously depending on time of day, hosting an event, date night and more

| Security
Peace of mind at home or at your business of knowing everything is secured

  • Self or professional monitoring options

  • LTE for alarm backup and 2-way emergency audio

  • 24-hour battery backup

  • Broad range of encrypted wireless sensors



Elegant and modern shades giving you extra privacy and adding energy efficiency to your home intelligently controlled by your smart home

  • Choose from a variety of high-end design, fabric and color options

  • Protect your family’s privacy by closing all shades with the touch of a button

  • Create scenes with your shade placement to match time of day, the position of the sun, or to suit your moods. Schedule them for energy efficiency or make your own "Movie Night Scene" that turns on the TV and speakers and closes the shades.


Enhance your living spaces with smart lighting
  • Enable Daylight mode to change the color temperature of your lights throughout the day to match the outside sun for a healthier sleep and added energy throughout the day

  • Transform your décor with sophisticated, custom-engraved keypads

  • Curated scenes to change lighting whether your hosting parties, watching movies or just relaxing after work

  • Elegant landscape lighting for commanding curb appeal and security



A voice controlled system creates a modern hassle free home
  • Speak naturally to control music, video, lighting and climate

  • Sophisticated AI understands complex commands with ease

  • Transform smart speakers into your exclusive digital assistants

Intelligent power systems for true off grid living

  • Savant Power Systems are designed to scale, delivering the benefits of smart power to every home. Monitor a few main, power-hungry circuits or monitor every circuit in the home - the choice is yours. 

  • Seamlessly connect many different devices such as solar panels, home generators, and battery backup solutions from major brands such as Tesla Energy, General electric, Generac and more. Add them directly into the Savant ecosystem to control and monitor everything from the grid down to the individual circuit in your homes electrical panel.



The best in Home cinema with world class visuals and audio
  • Enjoy your favorite movies delivered in 4K with superb color accuracy and black levels with top of the line projectors and screens

  • Lifelike surround sound immerses you in the action with technology like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

  • Control lights, climate, and AV to create the ideal viewing environment all with the touch of a button

  • Auto dim lights, and close blinds with the start of a movie


High Fidelity sound played from anywhere in your home
  • Instant access to your music collection at the press of a button

  • Play your favorite playlists in every room or play different playlists on the outdoor patio, the family room and kids bedroom's to match everyone's unique taste

  • In-ceiling, in-wall and bookshelf speakers blend with décor

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